Cockroaches Fumigation services in karachi

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Cockroaches Fumigation

These are similar in appearance to the American Cockroach but are small in size. It is rarely more than 1-1 4 inches long. They have a Brown area on their thorax as seen in the picture.

They are reddish brown. They can be identified by yellow stripes along the outer front edges of the wings.

In Florida, they are commonly called palmetto bug  just like the American Roach.

Cockroaches Fumigation karachi

cockroaches fumigation karachi

Cockroach’s treatment keeps skill of home residence commercial and industries. our company by the name of secure fumigation is providing services in Karachi Pakistan.Comfortable zone.

our company not uses non-odor chemicals. This does not spoil the axis. If your search fumigation company so you’re come to right place.

Habits and Biology of Australian Cockroaches

They are mostly found in the Karachi and tropical areas like Hawaii. They have been found in houses in the north due to transportation and shipping. They can populate well when temperatures stay above 80 degrees.

Females drop egg cases in hidden areas and cracks and crevices. Each case has about 24 eggs with a smaller percentage that hatch. The nymphs are marked with yellow patches and take about a year to develop.


This cockroach treatment is mainly found in the southern Karachi Pakistan, but can be found in the Asia states in greenhouses (where humidity is present).


They may be found in wall voids, tree holes, leaf piles, mulch, wood piles, tree barks, in and around shrubs and greenhouses. Inside they may be found in attics, kitchens garbage sewerage line cans and garages.

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