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SECURE FUMIGATION SERVICEoffer a full range of Civil & Construction work and Fumigation/Pest Control Services in Karachi. Our teams maintain a strong foundation of faith and mutual admiration generated through positive relationships with valued clients, architects, engineers, subcontractors, suppliers, and Technical and new talent Fumigators.

We are not only responsive and sympathetic to the client’s objectives, but we are also flexible with regard to the form of contractual relationship we enter into with our clients. AtSECURE FUMIGATION(Fumigation/Pest Control Services) we pledge to meet the needs of our clients with the highest standards of service, quality, safety, and integrity. We continue to expand our operations to meet the needs of our clientele.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]

Bed Bugs Inspection:

If you have seen evidence of bed bugs or want to help protect your home against this multiplying intruder, Karachi Pest Control will come and inspect your home. Bed bugs are sneaky and hard to find, but ourKarachi Pest Controlstaff are trained to pinpoint evidence if they are around. On the first visit, we will examine your entire home including the bed, furniture, rugs, and linens. we will conduct an inspection of target areas, and if required, use tools to check cracks and crevices. We will usually start in the bedroom and work his way through your home, concentrating on the furniture and the areas immediately surrounding the furniture.we will look for signs of bed bugs including:

  • Live bed bugs
  • Skins cast off during the molting process
  • Small spots of reddish-black fecal material
  • Tiny cream-colored eggs usually found in dark crevices.
  • Bed bugs are sneaky and hard to find, but we are trained to pinpoint evidence.


Fumigation/Pest Control Services

Termite Proofing Services, Fumigation Services, Bedbugs Spray, Mosquitoes Spray, Rodent Control,

Water Tank Cleaning, Thermal Fogging for flys, etc